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Corporate history

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical was founded on February 21, 2004. In recent years, the Group has followed a mission to develop a first-class safe and environmentally friendly energy and chemical enterprise in China, to uphold the tenet of “always pursuing development and always benefiting all employees”, and is committed to maximizing stakeholder value. By optimizing the industrial structure, the Group has developed a circular economy which improves the comprehensive ability to create value.


The First Phase: 2004-2005, laying the foundation for the coal enterprises to leap forward.


In 2004, 10 enterprises in the Shaanxi Province coal industry were restructured to establish Shaanxi Coal Industry Group.

2005, construction was started on a number of modern mines with a capacity of ten million tons, including Ningtiaota, Hong Liulin, and Zhang Jiamao.


The Second Phase: 2006-2010, the two core sectors of coal mining and the coal chemical industry were formed.


In 2006, 3 companies in the Shaanxi province chemical industry were integrated into the Group, and it was renamed as Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.


In 2007, the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) transferred all the state-owned assets of Shaanxi Construction Machinery (Group) to Shaanxi Coal and Chemical, which was the first branch company listed on a major stock market.


In 2008, the core coal industry was comprehensively restructured to establish Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited, aiming at being listed on the stock market.


In 2008, several construction enterprises were reorganized and integrated to lay the foundation of the building construction sector.


In 2009, Xi’an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Co. Ltd. was formally established, forming the equipment manufacturing sector.


In 2010, a new generation of DMTO-II commercial production technologies for manufacturing methanol to olefins, co-developed by the Group, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and SINOPEC Luoyang Engineering Company, was identified by the Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association as successfully reaching international advanced levels. The branch company of the Group, Pucheng Clean Energy Company, invested in building the first DMTO-II industrialized demonstration project in the world with a capacity of 670 thousand tons per year. This represented a key step forward in the new generation of methanol to olefins technology, and it bears the independent intellectual property rights for China and is among the world’s leading positions.


The Third Phase: 2011-2013, achieving a multiple complementary and collaborative development pattern


In 2011, the Group was integrated with Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group and Shaanxi Railway Investment Group, revitalizing the iron and steel industry and constructing local railways in Shaanxi Province, and contributing to the formation of an iron and steel sector, railway investment, science and technology, and related logistics.


In 2012, the internal material supply business of the Group and a number of power projects were reorganized, centralized purchasing was realized and the electricity sector began to take shape.


In 2013, a number of logistics nodes and special railway lines were constructed, officially starting the modern logistics industry.


In 2013, the Business Sector of Electric Power was established.