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Shaanmei Group has become the first TDFI enterprise in Shaanxi Province

 05, 2020

Recently, Shaanmei Group has been successfully traformed into a mature level-I enterprise in the Inter-Bank Market Deale Association of China, becoming the fit enterprise in Shaanxi province to receive the TDFI registration notice. In April 2020, Shaanmei Group has obtained the official approval of The Association of Trade for the r...

Shaanxi Coal Industry: equity investment surplus over ten billion yuan

Jul 22, 2020

By the end of June, the equity investment in Shaanxi Coal Industry has risen to over 10 billion yuan, the return rate of which is over 100%.This year is the third year that Shaanxi Coal Industry develops investment business, and it is also the fit year that obtai investment return. LiXiaoguang, bond department manager of Shaanxi Coal ...

The world's first 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB power generation project has been started in the Binchang mining area of ShaanMei Group

Jun 21, 2020

On March 9, During the mobilization meeting for the start of 2020 key projects in Xianyang, the world's fit 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB power generation project, Shenhua Guoneng Binchang low-calorific value coal (LSP) 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB technology demotration power generation project, started in Binchang mining area of ShaanMei ...

Shaanxi Daily:Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group "the transportation of north coal to the south" to ensure supply

Mar 09, 2020

Report from our correspondents (reporter:Jingfeng Cheng, trainee reporter: Zhitao Chen, correspondent: He Fang). Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group has iisted on grasping the epidemic prevention and euring the safety and smoothness of railway traportation. It has strengthened the coordination of freight ...

Hu heping, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, visited the construction site of the ShaanMei Group Weihua project and the Binchang mining are

Mar 05, 2020

On March 4, Hu Heping, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, when investigating the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in Xianyang city, went to the cotruction site of Weihua 300000-ton coal and glycol project of ShaanMei Group and Wenjiapo mine of Binchang mining company for investi...

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