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ShaanMei Group makes a breakthrough of loading 7000 cars of coal per day by railway

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On February 14, ShaanMei Group loaded 7,025 cars of coal by railway, accounting for 62.06% of the railway loading for coals in Xi'an Railway Bureau, breaking through the 7,000 mark for the first time and breaking a record high, making related contribution to the national energy supply guarantee.

Since the beginning of this year, Shaanxi Coal Transportation and Marketing Group has firmly implemented the decisions and arrangements of national energy supply guarantee, firmly shouldering the social responsibility of energy supply guarantee, overcoming the adverse effects such as resources, transportation capacity shortage, price fluctuations and other factors, and taking a series of effective measures to strengthen energy supply guarantee.

During the Spring Festival, affected by the majority of mine production maintenance and suspended operations, resources are tight. From the perspectives of politics and taking the overall situation into consideration, ShaanMei Group sticks to its post, strengthens its responsibility, compacts the cohesion density of all links of production, transportation and marketing, strengthens the resources organization, gives full play to the advantages of the Group's self-operated railway transportation, and provides effective support for all power coal supply units inside and outside the province with strong supply guarantee capacity to ensure the stable demand of coal for power generation and heating during the Spring Festival.

In operation, ShaanMei Transportation and Marketing Group Railway Bureau office in Xi 'an gives full play to the advantages of road and enterprise cooperation, and strives for the support of railway transport capacity by strengthening the communication and connection with the railway bureau. At the same time, strengthen the active coordination with the specialized sales companies, strive to improve the loading strength, timely solve the shipping difficulties, dredge the operation blocking points, improve the shipping efficiency, tamp the loading resources, to ensure the stability of railway shipping.

It is worth mentioning that, in the overall situation of the national energy supply, ShaanMei Transportation and Marketing Group is firmly committed to the main principle of expanding the railway transport base, combining Shaanxi coal self-provided cars, containers and ordinary open cars to broaden the transport capacity channels, alleviate the impact of the shortage of transport capacity on ShaanMei external transport, strengthen the advantage of "point-to-point" railway direct supply, and maximize the railway transport capacity and total shipment. At present,  several users of ShaanMei Group has started operation its self-provided vehicles in the "two lakes and one river" , which has greatly alleviated the "coal" burning emergency of power plant.

This year is the key period for realizing the "14th Five-Year Plan" development goals. The Transport and Marketing Group starts to ensure supply, stabilize growth and make new efforts to connect real production, transport and marketing, expand the railway transportation base with higher efficiency, greater strength and more effective measures, improve the cash rate of downstream thermal coal and middle-long term customers, guarantee stable energy supply, and demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises with practical actions to help ShaanMei Group build a world-class enterprise. (Mu Xin) 

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