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Yulin Chemical Company of ShaanMei Group held the launching ceremony of 15 million tons per year for coal quality utilization project & the ground bre

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On January 4th, ShaanMei Group Yulin Chemical Company held a successful commissioning ceremony of 15 million tons per year for coal quality utilization project & a groundbreaking ceremony of 500,000 tons per year of DMC project launched. Leaders of relevant departments of ShaanMei Group, representatives of cooperative departments and banks; Yulin Chemical Company leadership members and employee representatives, a total of more than 300 people gathered together with Yulin Chemical Company to attend the grand event and celebrate the success of 15 million tons per year coal quality utilization project start-up project and 500 million tons per year DMC project site construction.

During the meeting, participants watched the central control room and the site of the 500,000-ton per year DMC project and the documentary on the construction of the Five Years of Us Project, as well as the propaganda video of Let the World See and the wonderful art shows. In addition, I experienced the operation condition of 1.8 million tons per year glycol project of Yulin Chemical Company, the successful commissioning of 15 million tons per year coal mass utilization project and the construction of DMC project of 500,000 tons per year by video connection.

It is reported that the 15 million tons per year coal utilization project start-up project is the country's first single series of million tons of coal powder pyrolysis industrial demonstration device, the project achieves efficient transformation of resources through the coal oil extraction, gas extraction, improve the proportion of H and C elements into the back-end products, improve comprehensive energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions. The successful implementation of the project will open up a new route of low cost and high efficiency coal to arene, promote the "dislocation" and "integration" of coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and polymer materials to become a reality, and then amplify the demonstration effect of "ShaanMei version" coal mass utilization of advanced technology, the amplification effect of oil and gas substitution, the strategic effect of technology transfe, providing a new strategic scheme for safeguarding national energy security. (Ai Fengfeng Guo Wenjing Yang Shuai Shuai Yang Xuan)

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