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Shaanxi Central Coal Power Station "Bi-integration" Energy Demonstration base Project Started

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On December 15, the groundbreaking ceremony of "bi-integrated" energy demonstration base project of Shaanxi Central Coal Power Station  was held in Pingqiao district, Xinyang City, Henan Province, marking a further deepening of the strategic cooperation between Shaanxi and Henan energy sources.

Wu Guoding, Vice governor of Henan Provincial People's Government attended the commencement ceremony and announced officially the start of the project. Yang Zhaoqian, Party Secretary and chairman of ShaanMei Group, attended the commencement ceremony and delivered a speech. Chen Zhiwei, Deputy Party Secretary and mayor of Xinyang, delivered a welcoming speech. The ceremony was presided over by Huang Fang, Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor of Xinyang. Ma Xiaoli, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of ShaanMei Group Telecommunications Company introduced relevant information about the project.

It is informed that this project is one of the first 1000MW high-efficiency ultra-supercritical secondary reheating dual-engine reheating coal-fired generating units that will be started in Henan Province, and is the first start-up project of "bi-integrated" energy demonstration base in Shaanxi Central Coal Power Station. With a total investment of about 8.2 billion yuan, the project aims to achieve "double investment" by 2025. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual power generation will be about 9 billion KWH, which can effectively meet the demand for electricity from the development of national economy in Henan Province and southern Henan Province, and play an important role in strengthening the support of southern Henan power grid and improving the stability and security of the power grid.

Before the commencement ceremony, Yang Zhaoqian and his delegation paid a visit to Wu Guoding, vice governor of Henan Provincial Government, at the cdministrative center of Xinyang city, and signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Xinyang Municipal People's Government on the Construction of "Bi-Integrated" Energy Demonstration Base in Central Shaanxi Coal and Electric Power by Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Co., LTD., Xinyang Municipal People’s Government. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the integrated construction of "wind, solar, hydro, coal and other energy sources complement each other in power generation" and "the operation mode of the overall solution of "power supply, grid, load and energy storage"", the construction of 2×1000MW high-efficiency ultra-supercritical units, the operation of existing generating units and the construction of coal storage bases. (Bi Qiuju)


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