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Corporate responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Recently, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has firmly followed the clean and efficient growth mode of energy development and utilization, promoting the green, circular and low carbon development, aiming at building a beautiful homeland. In order to further strengthen the work of energy conservation and environmental protection, the Group has established the Department of Energy Saving and Environment Protection, formulated and issued the regulations such as "The Regulation on Energy Saving and Environment Protection” and “The Notice on Strengthening the Reporting and Management of Unexpected Environmental Incidents”, and so on. The Group has further improved the environmental management system, sought to reduce the influence of the operations to the environment, implemented “one vote veto” on the issue of environmental performance assessment, which has guaranteed the Group's green development. Since 2014, the Group has focused on the key projects on energy conservation and environmental protection, emphasizing the implementation of key energy-saving and GHG emission-reduction projects. The Group has carefully evaluated and determined the key business units in energy-saving and GHG emission reduction, key projects and key indicators as well for 2015, 45 key energy-saving projects will be carried out, with a total investment of 590 million yuan; 79 key environmental protection projects with a total investment of 1.936 billion yuan. The Group has issued “The Notice on the requirements to the environmental protection of construction projects”, focusing on the supervision and guidance of the construction projects, and supervising the upgrade and renovation of environmental protection facilities.