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Corporate responsibility

Employee wellness

While pursuing the growth, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group Co. Ltd always adheres to realize and safeguard the fundamental interests of employees, continuously improve the environment of production, life, culture and entertainment and learning environment, allowing them to work and live with pleasure, which has formed a powerful force driving the coordination between the Group and employees.

In recent years, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the safety management goal of "zero gas overrun, zero field risk, and zero death", continuously strengthened the advance governance, and improved the safety supervision system, realizing a full range to health and safety protection of employees. Last year, when the Group faced unfavorable market environment, the investment to safety affairs was not reduced, the accumulated investment on safety amounted to 2.4 billion yuan; the production system, safety facilities and disaster governance of the branch companies have been optimized. 4 sets of gas drainage system have been completed; 10 high-gas coal mines have reached the goal of gas zero overrun; 2 national level demonstration mines in gas control and utilization have been built, which all improve the mine disaster resilience. At the same time, through technical research on safe production, a lot of technical problems have been solved, such as those of gas drainage, water prevention, anti-fire, soft rock roadway support, further improving the disaster prevention and control.