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ShaanMei Group ranked 67th among the 2022 China's Top 500 Enterprises, ranking first among Shaanxi enterprises

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On Sept 6, China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association released the list of 2022 China's Top 500 Companies. ShaanMei Group ranked 67th with a revenue of 395.4 billion yuan in 2021. Ten Shaanxi enterprises have entered the list, and Shaanxi Coal Group has been ranked first among Shaanxi enterprises for two years.

In accordance with the four development paths of "led by scientific and technological innovation, catalyzed by capital, empowered by system, and supported by cooperation", during the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the key index system of "16555" of ShaanMei Group refers to the  achievement of gaining the profit of 50 billion yuan with 100,000 industrial workers, 600 billion yuan of total assets, 500 billion yuan of sales revenue and 500 billion yuan of A stock market value. By 2030, the group will be committed to achieving 5 "1" long-term goals, that is to say, the total assets of the group will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the operating revenue will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the market value will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the total profit will exceed 100 billion yuan, and the group will rank among the world-class enterprises.

The entry threshold for the list was 44.625 billion yuan, increasing 5.389 billion yuan comparing with last year. The total revenue of the top 500 companies in 2021 exceeded 100 trillion yuan mark for the first time, reaching 102.48 trillion yuan, increasing 14.08 percent from the previous year, it was the biggest increase in the past decade. The number of enterprises with revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan has increased to 244, and the number of trillion-yuan clubs has expanded to 12. The industrial structure of the listed enterprises has been continuously optimized, the overall profitability level has been improved, the innovation strength has been accumulated, the international status has been steadily improved, and new progress has been made in becoming stronger, better and bigger enterprises. (Wang Lin, Yan Zhaoyu)


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