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ShaanMei Group singed a mutual insurance contract for 5500-ton-coal railway capacity with Xi’an Railway Station

Feb 19, 2018

At present, ShaanMei Group and Xi’an Railway Station singed a mutual iurance contract for 5500-ton-coal railway capacity. It’s reported that the assurance of the annual mutual capacity refe not only to the figures of ShaanMei Group’s railway traportation volume in 2017, but also refe to the expected production, market, traportation ...

ShaanMei Group has gained a total profit of 10.5 billion yuan, topped the provincial enterprises

Jan 31, 2018

This paper(Reporter ChengJingfeng correspondent LiHua) On January 12th, from ShaanMei Group, reporter knows that the operating income of ShaanMei Group has reached 260 billion yuan, that is 22.6 percent increase comparing to that of last year. A total profit of 10.5 billion yuan has been gained, which increased 7.5 billion yuan and topped the p...

China’s first uniserial hundred-ton powered coal rapid pyrolysis project goes to operation

Nov 11, 2017

In carrying out our Party’s 19th CPC National Congress profoundly, chemical materials of ShaanMei Group operated a project of low-grade powered coal rapid pyrolysis at a speed of 1.2 million to per year on Nov. 9th. YangZhaoqian, chairman and secretary of the Shaanxi Party committee, as well as WeiJundong, mayor of YuLin, co-operated the...

Senior Managers of Mitsubishi Chemical Company and High Chemical Company Paid a Visit to ShaanMei Group

Oct 23, 2017

On the morning of Oct. 19th, Okamoto, executive director,head of chemical department of Mitsubishi Chemical Company, and Sato, deputy director of High Chemical Company paid a visit to ShaanMei Group. YanGuanglao, general manager of ShaanMei Group, YouXidi, deputy secretary and trustee of ShaanMei Group, other department heads and related unit leade...

ShaanMei Group ranked first in the second-quarter evaluation of provincial state-owned enterprise surpassing

 19, 2017

ShaanMei Group ranked fit in the second-quarter evaluation of provincial state-owned enterprise surpassing By MeiFangyi HeHongwu Struggling and exceeding ShaanMei Force This afternoon(Aug, 19th), the result of the second-quarter evaluation of 2017 Shaanxi provincial state-owned enterprise surpassing, ShaanMei Group rank...

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