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Modern Shaanxi: Clearing capacity, dealing with losses and creating benefits, a total number of 3 billion yuan has been gained, steady development, ch

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In 2016, under the circumstances of revulsion in the field of coalcoal chemical industryand steelShaanMei Group sticked to the principles of striving for survival by dealing with losses and creating benefits, and of seeking development by deepening reform as the main role, gripping “the five indexes and tasks”, the economic operation is steady and superior to the anticipation. For the whole year, the total output of coal is 126 million tons, chemical product 13.87 million tons, steel 7.3 million tons, generating electricity 40.3 billion kilowatt hours. The asset size of ShaanMei is 450 billion yuan, the sales revenue is 212 billion yuan, while the profit is 3 billion yuan.

In 2016, in order to improve greatly the quality of quality of economic operation, ShaanMei Group has made consistent effort in clearing off capacity, optimizing structure, grasping reform, promoting innovation, liquidizing remnant assets, lowing costs, etc. A steady improvement appeared in the dealing of clearing off capacity, a total of 18.15 million tons of coal was quitted, puddling 600 thousand tons. While dealing with clearing, more measures have been taken to maximize the high-quality coal in northern Shaanxi and BinHuang area at a rate of 95 percent by merging and reorganization, cross-province adjustment and displacement. Carrying out the tactic of “going out”, setting up the long-term mechanism of arranging for the redundant staff, a total number of 29.4 thousand workers have been rearranged. Pay special attention to scientific and technological innovation, forming the scientific research system of “Three committees, one department, one research institution, two workstations, five institutes, 22 centers, three bases, and 13 unions.” The technologies ofThick-level coal and pillarless automatic 110 construction methodand “flash pyrolysis of low-order pulverized coal” have achieved international advanced level. Vitalizing inventories, with the help of “Internet+ and electronic transaction” etc. marketing methods, inventories has been lowed to the lowest comparing with last few years. Ten billion yuan was vitalized in the means of purchasing and storage, selling, transfer of shares, intensifying loan reclaiming, inner materials adjustment. To lower production cost actively, commercial coal and steel were lowered by 11.9 and 9.3 percent respectively per ton. The commercial coal was among the lowest in China.

In 2017, ShaanMei Group will carry out well “the four three-work layouts”, to make steady improvement in raising effect, making a difference in increasing kinetic energy shift, to undertake fully in carrying out pursuing and surpassing, achieving a total of 230 billion yuan in sales revenue. A horizontal integration of industrial chain will be realized by “three link chains” in value chain, supply chain, and industrial chain, a horizontal integration of industrial chain as well as a vertical integration of supply chain must be done to have a total improvement of value chain. To make endeavor in the construction of “Three Aspects ”, namely quality, variety, brand. Doing well in the three battles: deepening reform, risk prevention, vitalizing stock. Stick to the three bottoms: never release safety, never release environmental protection, never release steadiness. Under the leadership of Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government, ShaanMei Group will create a totally new achievement in being a highlighted new-economic modern energy enterprise. To make new contributions in pursuing and surpassing, to welcome the successful holding of our Party’s 19th Congress Meeting and the 13th congress of party representatives.

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