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Shaanxi Daily : China’s first high-performance coal mining machine passed evaluation

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This paper (By ChenJin) : On November 16th, China’s first high-performance 8-meter high coal mining machine delivery evaluation and presentation meeting was held in Xi’an , the high-performance 8-meter high coal mining machine, researched by Xi’an Coal Mining Machinery Co. LTD, was successfully evaluated and presented. The appearance of the high-performance 8-meter high coal mining machine in an important step of localization alternative, which has efficiently solved purchasing bottleneck of import coal mining complete machine and its disadvantages of accessories, for its long-term good supply, high purchasing expense, which, however, filling up a gap of our nation, and well meet the needs of the high-efficient coal production.

For a long term, the crucial coal exploitation of domestic coal enterprises was largely depended on import. The prime cost of China’s first high-performance 8-meter high coal mining machine is about 30 percent less than that of the imported one, which enjoys a superior market prospect. After the use of domestic coal mining machine, the height of mining will reach 8 meters, the recycled mining rate will be increased, which will save nearly 2 million tons coal per year. At the same time, the machine can exchange with related imported machines, on the previous of assuring exploitation rate, the quality of the whole machine is light, the key assembly unit, dent resistance,  abrasion resistance, cast technic of international coal mining machine have been improved, the total operating efficiency has also been improved.

It’s known that China’s first high-performance 8-meter coal mining machine will have a trial operation in BuLianta coal base of ShenDong Company of ShenHua Group.  According to a  budget of the present operation, the monthly production will achieve 1.5 million tons. 

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