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Shaanxi Daily: ShaanMei’s ”Ten thousand-talent plan” promotes strong enterprise of talents

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Shaanxi Daily:  ShaanMei’s ”Ten thousand-talent plan” promotes strong enterprise of talents

This paper (Reporter ChengJingfeng  Correspondent XuBaoping)  On April 17th, ShaanMei Group carried out “Ten thousand-talent plan”, which aims at fostering its own talent group. From 2018 to 2022, ShaanMei Group plans to employ 10 thousand talents in the form of campus recruitment and social employment to further strengthen and optimize talent group of ShaanMei, and reinforce the training and store of talents.

In order to adapt the need of the transferring and development of enterprise, ShaanMei Thinking and Creation College was founded by ShaanMei Group, whose aims are to find, foster advanced management talents, cultivating entrepreneurs group with ShaanMei features by itself. ShaanMei Group will focus on strengthening the construction of key backbone team and advanced talents. As for the newly-employed graduates, ShaanMei Group will speed up the growth of talents by sending them to the grass-roots units and refining track management. ShaanMei group positively takes the advantage of advanced talents and research group, speeding up the new bottle neck of enterprise scientific innovation. As for advanced talents, agreed salary can be adopted, and provide “green passage” for housing, settling down, as well as their children’s schooling, etc.

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