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Shaanxi Daily: ShaanMei Group created the best in terms of production and management in history

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ShaanMei Group created the best in terms of production and management in history

A breakthrough of the annual revenue of 280 billion yuan in 2018, and the overall profit of 13.5 billion yuan.


This paper reported (journalist ChengJingfeng) On January first, journalist was informed from ShaanMei Group: they have won the battle for survival through three years’ curing losses and creating efficiency, which has established a good foundation for high-quality development. In 2018, ShaanMei Group has achieved the operating income of 280.6 billion yuan, rising 7.9 percent comparing with last year. The profit is 13.5 billion yuan, rising 23.9 percent comparing with last year, all the work of production and management has been achieved the highest in history.

For the recent three years, the size of the economy of ShaanMei Group has increased from 190 billion yuan in 2015 to 280.6 billion yuan in 2018, the total profit of which has been accumulated to over 27 billion yuan, vitalizing stock capital resources 55.6 billion yuan, carrying out the marketing debt-to-equity of 45.4 billion yuan, reducing the total liability ratio to nearly 10 percent.

In the major industrial sectors of ShaanMei Group, through the reduction of quantity in the old areas and cooperative exchange quantity, the coal plate that has been newly approved for the high-quality coal will be able to produce 60 million tons coal, the second ten-million-ton mine was formed fundamentally. The capacity and benefit of the chemical plate have been released steadily, the accumulative total profit of which is 4 billion yuan. The steel plate seized the opportunity and released the capacity, the output of thick steel rose from no more than 8 billion tons to more than 11 billion tons. The management level of electricity plate has been improved continually, all power plants have achieved ultra-low emissions. For the three years, fifth-one key construction projects have been built and operated successively, seventeen major projects are being constructed.

New materials, new energy technology are progressing to industrialization, which has provided the energy transition of enterprise development with powerful support. New materials of nanofluids energy absorption, transparent conducting thin film etc. Seven projects are starting to be on operation. Project of chemical quality classification and new materials garden of Yulin chemical firm started working. For three years, ShaanMei Group has carried out 599 key research projects, and completed science and technology input 16.2 billion yuan, and has gained 44 state’s and provincial awards, as well as 1129 new brand patents.

Through reform and development, the competitiveness, influence, and anti-risk capability of ShaanMei Group have been enhanced greatly. Led by ShaanMei Group, the price indices of steam coal in Shaanxi and Chongqing has been released. With the gradual expansion of southwest market shares, the construction of HaoLebaoji-Ji’an railway and JiangLing Port, the industrial pattern of “Seeing Shenhua along the sea while ShaanMei Group in central China”. ShaanMei Group is trying to work hard for the realization of the operating receipt 302 billion yuan, to assure the profit of 18.5 billion yuan, competing to be the high-quality developed benchmarking enterprises in Shaanxi.

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