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Shaanxi Daily:Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group "the transportation of north coal to the south" to ensure supply

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Report from our correspondents (reporter:Jingfeng Cheng, trainee reporter: Zhitao Chen, correspondent: He Fang).

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group has insisted on grasping the epidemic prevention and ensuring the safety and smoothness of railway transportation. It has strengthened the coordination of freight transport organization and transportation capacity, and provided the supply of coal resources as well. It has guaranteed the capacity of “the transportation of north coal to the south” and enterprises’ resumption of production.

It is reported that Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group has set up a leading group for coal railway transportation security, strengthened connections among production, transportation and marketing, implemented the daily report system, and the general dispatching office has 24-hour communication with the dispatching branch of China Railway Xi 'an Bureau Group Co, LTD; communicated and coordinated with Shaanxi Coal Transportation and Marketing Group and coal mines in northern Shaanxi to solve the problems of railway loading in time; accelerated locomotive turnover and improved locomotive operation efficiency, completed the trial loading and C800,000-ton train at Xiaobaodang station and Guojiatan station, as well as the contact net hot-slip test from western Shenmu to northern Xiaojihan section, which laid a solid foundation for the full-line electrification operation of Jingshen railway.

By the end of February, Shaanxi Railway Logistics Group’s Railway had shipped 2,432 in a row and 8,553,300 tons of coal, setting a new record for capacity levels and transport capacity, achieving a good start in production and transportation, which had provided railway transportation support for epidemic prevention and control, steadied growth and stabled economic and social operation.

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