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The world's first 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB power generation project has been started in the Binchang mining area of ShaanMei Group

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During the mobilization meeting for the start of 2020 key projects in Xianyang, the world's first 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB power generation project, Shenhua Guoneng Binchang low-calorific value coal (LSP) 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB technology demonstration power generation project, started in Binchang mining area of ShaanMei Group.

The low calorific value coal 660MW ultra-supercritical CFB technology demonstration power generation project of Shenhua Guoneng Binchang is located in Xianyang Binzhou Xinmin high-end energy and chemical industrial district. The project is developed and constructed by national energy group Shenhua Guoneng Co, LTD. and ShaanMei Group Binchang mining Co, LTD. in accordance with the 51%: 49% equity ratio and the cooperation model of coal-power integration project. The total investment of the project is estimated at 6 billion yuan, and two 660MW generating units will be built in two phases. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in July, 2022, with an annual generating capacity of 3 billion KWH and an annual sales revenue of 800 million yuan. When completed, the project will generate 6 billion KWH of electricity annually and generate 1.6 billion yuan of sales revenue annually.

The source of the project is mixed coal burning with coal slime, gangue and final raw coal. The annual consumption of the first-phase project is 1,909,000 tons of coal, including 477,000 tons of coal slime with low calorific value, 668,000 tons of gangue and 764,000 tons of final raw coal. The coal burning of the project is mainly supported by Binchang Mining Company's Wenjiapo coal mine, which has a designed production capacity of 4.0Mt/a and a service life of 75.7a. The mine started construction in July, 2012 and passed the comprehensive acceptance of completion by the national energy administration in May, 2018.

As is known to all, comparing with ordinary clean coal power generation technology, ultra-supercritical unit technology has the characteristics of good inheritance and easy to achieve large scale. In the reliability, availability, thermal mobility, unit life and other aspects can be comparable to subcritical unit, it has more commercial operation experience. CFB-circulating fluidized bed technology, as one of the main clean coal power generation technologies, which can simultaneously achieve desulfurization and denitration. While making full use of inferior coal, it can effectively reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, as well as controling the formation of acid rain, and open up a new space for the synchronous and coordinate development of thermal power generation and environmental protection.

Last year, on January 30, the National Energy Administration issued "The reply to agree with Shaanxi Binchang ultra-supercritical circulating fluidized bed burning low calorific value coal power projects as a state power as demonstration project", agreed to Shaanxi Binchang 660mw ultra-supercritical CFB power generation project were officially listed as national coal clean utilization of science and technology demonstration projects and new energy saving technology. The project "SanChao” of direction CFB power theory, technology and demonstration project construction will effectively strengthen the world leading position in the field of CFB power generation technology in China, further improved the level of comprehensive utilization of coal cleaning efficiency, for the implementation of the new development concept, promoted the construction of ecological civilization and provided important technical support and industrial security.

At the start of the mobilization meeting, He Feng, chairman of National Energy Group Shenhua Guoneng, Shaanxi Binlong Power Generation Company, introduced the project’s general situation. Xianyang city, National Energy Group Shenhua Guoereng Company, ShaanMei Group Binchang Mining company and other units related personnel, witnessing the start of the project. (Qian Kai)

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