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Shaanxi Coal Industry: equity investment surplus over ten billion yuan

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By the end of June, the equity investment in Shaanxi Coal Industry has risen to over 10 billion yuan, the return rate of which is over 100%.This year is the third year that Shaanxi Coal Industry develops investment business, and it is also the first year that obtains investment return.

LiXiaoguang, bond department manager of Shaanxi Coal Industry, said that since 2017, Shaanxi Coal Industry has given full play to the advantages of capital platform, decided to put up less than 3 billion yuan of its own funds to carry out external investment business that does not involve related party transactions, and preferentially selected two partners named "ZhuQue investment" and "HeJun investment", furthermore, investment consultant model is also established.

Centering on the coal industry, Shaanxi Coal Industry has constructed an investment map covering new technologies and methods, new products and new industries, new commerce and new ecology, new demands and new values, and defined 20 industrial investment directions, including the utilization of coal-clean  technology and coal-based products.

In the field of Internet, Shaanxi Coal Industry has determined a series of investment directions for the "Internet-of-all-thing" industry according to the classification of information transmission infrastructure at the upstream network layer, hardware at the mid-stream perception layer and network layer, demand end of downstream application and operator demand end.

In April this year, the board of directors of Shaanxi Coal Industry established an investment risk control committee to continuously optimize the investment closed-loop risk control system.The system includes five aspects, which is called "12345" for short: 1 is an industrial map focusing on new energy, new materials and new economy; 2 is to select from the two best fields, namely, the investment object and investment adviser ;3 is is strategic investment with the purpose of not exiting when the total investment accounts for 30%; 4 is the investment proportion of a single project shall not exceed 40%; 5 means that the scale managed by a single fund manager accounts for no more than 50%.

It is understood that "Zhuque investment" focuses on investment new energy in the secondary market, new material industry;"Hejun Investment" focuses on investing in energy Internet in the primary market to realize the combination of weight and light;The newly selected partner, Tianfeng Securities, focuses on investment in science and innovation enterprises in the primary market.

In new energy and other fields, Shaanxi Coal Industry's outbound investment business focuses on leading enterprise equity.Up to now, Shaanxi Coal Industry has realized equity investment of more than 10 billion yuan, with a return rate of more than 100%.

   For companies such as Longji Stock and Ganfeng Lithium, directors of Shaanxi Coal Industry have been appointed aiming at providing a foothold for them to continue to follow the new energy and new material industries.According to Li Xiaoguang, the future development direction of Shaanxi Coal Industry's outbound investment is to realize the integration of technology and capital, think tanks and models on the basis of existing industries and members, selecting high-quality objects and reasonable valuation window, and continue to carry out investment business in a prudent and standardized way. (Shaanxi Coal Industry)

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