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Shaanmei Group has become the first TDFI enterprise in Shaanxi Province

resource: admin   date: 2020-08-05   hit: 256

Recently, Shaanmei Group has been successfully transformed into a mature level-I enterprise in the Inter-Bank Market Dealers Association of China, becoming the first enterprise in Shaanxi province to receive the TDFI registration notice.

In April 2020, Shaanmei Group has obtained the official approval of The Association of Traders for the registration and issuance of multiple-debt financing instruments (DFI) which worth 56 billion yuan.As The Association of Traders issued the public registration procedures of the Non-financial Corporate Debt Financing tool (2020 edition), which further classify enterprises that register and issue the debt financing instruments into four types companies with two layers, companies of Shaanmei Group are actively organizing learning new working procedures, timely submit an application for renewal, and recently obtained TDFI registration notifications.TDFI enterprises, as the first class of mature enterprises, are selected under very strict qualifications, which are applicable to more convenient registration and issuance and information disclosure mechanism.

The acquisition of the TDFI qualification shows that Shaanmei Group has been widely recognized by the public market, to further improve the group's financing environment, to better carry out direct financing work to create favorable conditions, which will provide a strong guarantee for the group's high-quality development, to create a world-class competitive enterprise.(FanWen)

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