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ShaanMei Group plans to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activities in 2022

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Recently, according to the requirements of Safety Commission, National Emergency Management Department of the State Council, Shaanxi Governmental Safety Commission and Emergency Management, ShaanMei Group is making this year’s arrangements of "safe production month", aiming to further promote the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, as well as the decision deployment of enhancing work safety in production, it will further strengthen work safety publicity and education.

This year's "Work Safety Month" will be held from June 1 to 30, with the theme of "Abide by the Work Safety Law, be the first responsible person".

In order to carry out the activities of "Safety Production Month" effectively, ShaanMei Group has arranged 13 key tasks in 5 aspects. First, by conducting a series of study and publicity activities, deepening the publicity and implementation of important measures, and holding themed calligraphy exhibitions, we will thoroughly study and implement president Xi Jinping's important statements on work safety, and consolidate the concept of safe development.

Second, through the extensive organization of legal publicity activities, widely publicized and implemented the safety production law, promote the "first responsible person" to abide by the law and fulfill their responsibilities, effectively mobilize the initiative and consciousness of the staff to participate in the supervision of the unit and the main responsible person to implement the responsibility of safety production.

Third, by holding the launch ceremony of "Safety Production Month", carrying out the activities of "6.16 Safety Publicity and Consultation Day", coordinating the "five-progress" activities of safety publicity, organizing typical tree selection and collection of emergency works, etc., the theme of "Safety production month" publicity activities are innovatively carried out to enhance the safety awareness and emergency ability of workers.

Fourth, participate in media journalists' reporting activities in Shaanxi, increase exposure of hidden problems and violations of laws and regulations, strengthen work safety warning education, and carry out the "Work safety journey of ten thousand miles".

Fifth, we will guard the bottom line of security, guard the gate of risks and hidden dangers, and intensify efforts to advance key security tasks throughout the year.

ShaanMei Group requires each branch to improve the political position, strengthen leadership, carefully arranged deployment; Innovate the form of activities, strengthen overall planning, and create a strong atmosphere; Implement the main responsibility, strict assessment to ensure the effectiveness; Strengthen the "Safety production month" activity information submission, take multiple measures to ensure that the activities achieve actual results. (Zhao Haitao)

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