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Zou Zhilei, chairman of Huawei Coal Mining Corp, and his delegation visited ShaanMei Group for panel discussion and communication

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On May 30, Zou Zhilei, chairman of Huawei Coal Mining Corp, and his delegation visited ShaanMei Group for panel discussion and communication. Yang Zhaoqian, Party Secretary and Chairman of ShaanMei Group, Wang Shibin, Party member and Deputy General Manager of ShaanMei Group, leaders of Shaanxi Steel Group and related personnel of ShaanMei Group industry attended the meeting.

Zou Zhilei first introduced the development history, technical advantages and business scope of Huawei Coal Mining Corp, and exchanged related information on the progress of intelligent construction of coal mines between Huawei and mining companies affiliated to ShaanMei Group in 2021. He said that the intelligent construction of ShaanMei Group will be taken as the benchmark project of the leading industry, and Huawei's technological advantages will be fully brought into play. By using artificial intelligence, 5G technology, big data and other technical means, ShaanMei Group will fight a scientific and technological innovation war and jointly boost the intelligent development of the coal industry.

Yang Zhaogan welcomed Zou Zhilei and his delegation, and said that the business scope of Huawei Coal Mining Corp is highly compatible with ShaanMei Group's industrial sectors. He hoped that both sides would continue to deepen collaborative innovation, accelerate intelligent construction, and jointly promote ShaanMei Group's digital transformation and upgrading.

At the meeting, Wang Shibin briefly introduced the development strategy of ShaanMei Group, he said to create a first-class enterprise as the goal, and establish first-class coal mine data management standards. The two sides should further deepen cooperation, speed up the construction of data unification and standardization, build a complete normative system and standards, form the "ShaanMei Group Plan" of intelligent construction, facilitate the digital transformation of the energy industry, and promote the intelligent reform and construction of smart mines in the coal industry.

The two sides had in-depth discussions on key technologies such as coal & mine data governance, Mining Hong system, artificial intelligence and coal & mine industrial Internet.

Since working with companies, colleges, such as Huawei last year, it’s learned that ShaanMei Group has promoted the combination of "production, study, research and practice", and focused on building intelligent construction of professional team, ShaanMei Group application mature solution, rapidly forming industry pilot demonstration, cultivating reingistic talent cultivation, and other cooperation direction, speed up the construction of intelligent, aiming at building the benchmark and model of intelligent development of coal & mine to the best advantage. (Wang Ziming)

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