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ShaanMei Group held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the National Development and Reform Commission's special meeting on medium and long term

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On May 30, ShaanMei Group held a special video conference to convey the spirit of the recent National Development and Reform Commission's special conference on medium and long term coal contracts and the spirit of the province's promotion of stabilizing the economic market, and further arrange and deploy coal supply and steady growth.

At the meeting, Zhao Futang, deputy general manager of ShaanMei Group, analyzed the current economic situation of the international, national and Shaanxi province, and stressed that we should actively implement the provincial economic decisions and deployment, do a solid job in coal supply, and focus on the signing and fulfillment of medium and long term contracts.

On the implementation of the spirit of the meeting, combining with the ShaanMei Group's coal sales and operation of the annual key work arrangement and ShaanMei Group Party Secretary, chairman Yang Zhaogan requirements, Zhao Futang put forward four requirements.

First, we should attach great importance to the signing and implementation of medium and long term coal contracts, and fully realize that this is related to the national energy strategic security, the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and the healthy development of our coal and electric power enterprises.

Second, the main party and government leaders of all units assume the primary responsibility for contract signing and performance. Production, transport and marketing enterprises and electric power enterprises should assume their respective responsibilities, and party and government leaders of all units should assume primary responsibilities for solid implementation of the national coal supply guarantee and the signing and implementation of medium and long-term contracts, including the emergency resigning of newly added coal import contracts. Tasks should be divided and responsibilities should be implemented at different levels.

Third, the performance of the contract is related to the development of enterprises, government credit and other aspects, all enterprises at all levels of ShaanMei Group involved in coal sales, should immediately carry out level-by-level investigation, self-inspection work, problems existed should be immediately rectificated. Fourth, the group will steadily implement the "Work Plan for Steady Growth in 2022", i.e., "21 Items for Steady Growth", to ensure the realization of phase tasks and goals, and make positive contributions to the province's stable economic base and the national energy supply.

Duping, department of enterprise management, general manager and chief economist of ShaanMei Group, conveyed the spirits of two meetings, one is the special meeting of coal medium and long-term National Development and Reform Commission contract, the other is the promoting meeting of the steady economic market advance in Shaanxi, and summarized in unified thought, to understand the situation clearly, planning ahead, strictly implementing the coal medium and long-term contract, standing at the height of politics, bearing the responsibility of the state-owned enterprises.                             (Wang Lin, Jia Hao)

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