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ShaanMei Group held 2021 annual target responsibility assessment and commendation conference

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On the afternoon of July 15, ShaanMei Group held the 2021 annual target responsibility assessment and commendation conference. Yang Zhaogan, Party Secretary and Chairman of ShaanMei Group. YanGuanglao, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of ShaanMei Group, and other leading members and quasi-senior managers attended the meeting. Party and government leaders, leaders in charge of economic operation and department heads of affiliated units, deputy heads or above of all departments of the group headquarters, leaders and department heads of ShaanMei Group, Chemical Group and electric Power Group attended the meeting. YouXidi, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the group, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhao Futang, deputy general manager of the group, announced the results of 2021 annual target responsibility assessment and the commendation decision.

Zhao Futang pointed out that in 2021, under the leadership of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, staff of ShaanMei Group carry our with great efforts Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, insisting on the combination of

Party construction and innovation, insisting on the optimized system, technological innovation and project support, continuing to promote the high quality development of the “Three Changes”, and standing on the test of the economic ups and downs and the spread of the epidemic, continuing to stand in the first place of the competition, and standing in the head of the provincial enterprise, and continue to stand in the head of the provincial enterprise, and continue to realize the revenue of the enterprise, and the total revenue of the enterprises is 395.2 billion yuan, rising16% comparing with last year, achieving the profit of 39.3 billion yuan, which doubled comparing with that of the last year, it is the best achievement of business performance ever, the key role of the state-owned company was best performed, ShaanMei Group was awarded “

enterprise with outstanding contributions to steady growth” by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province.

It’s learned from the meeting that enterprises winning the award of "2021 annual target responsibility appraisal outstanding enterprise" are Marketing Company, Chemical Industry Group Company, Ecological Cement Company, KaiYuan Securities Company, Shaanxi Coal co., LTD, HuangLing Mining Company, YuBei Coal Mining Company, KaiYuan Chemical Company,ShaanJiao Chemical Company, ShenMu Coal Chemical Company, FuGu Energy Company;

Enterprises that won the award of "2021 Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" are Shaanxi Northern Mining Company,Railway Logistics Company,Yulin Chemical Company, Shaanxi Steel Group Company and Construction Group Company.  Enterprises that won the honor of "2021 Innovation and Development Outstanding Enterprises" are Heavy Industry Equipment Group, Finance Company, BinChang Mining Company, Shengbang Technology Company, Chang'an Yiyang Company; Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., LTD and Shaanxi Chemical Co., LTD won the "2021 Pioneer Award for Reform of State-owned Enterprise". (He Fei)


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