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ShaanMei Group held a meeting of economic operation analysis for the first half year of 2022

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On the afternoon of July 15, ShaanMei Group held a meeting of economic operation analysis for the first half year of 2022. Yang Zhaogan, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group attended the meeting and made a speech. Yan Guanglao, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager, reviewed and analyzed the economic performance in the first half year and made arrangements for the work in the other half. YouXidi, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the group, presided over the meeting.

It was learned from the meeting that in the first half year of 2022, ShaanMei Group produced 114 million tons of coal, 10.19 million tons of major chemical products, 6.38 million tons of crude steel, 21.55 billion KWH of power generation and 8.28 million tons of cement, which rose 6.4%, 4.8%, 0.4%, 3.8% and 27.9% respectively comparing with that of last year. Revenue reached 230.7 billion yuan, which rose 15.2% comparing with that of last year; Its profit reached 22.3 billion yuan, which rose 114% comparing with that of last year, and its economic efficiency hit a new high. Investment completed reached 10.03 billion yuan, which rose 6.6% comparing with that of last year. In the first half of this year, the overall economic performance showed steady progress in aggregate volume, improved quality, and numerous bright spots. The revenue of ShaanMei Group has reached 30% of the total revenue of provincial enterprises, and the profit of ShaanMei Group has exceeded 56% of the total profit of provincial enterprises, ranking the first place in the province's industrial enterprises.

In his speech, Yang Zhaogan dialectically analyzed the extensive and profound impact of the "Black Swan" of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the "gray rhino" of the COVID-19 epidemic on the global political and economic situation and the development of Shaanxi coal industry, and made in-depth thinking and forward-looking arrangements for ShaanMei Group to seize opportunities by taking advantage of the trend.

Yan Guangluo reviewed and summarized the highlights and achievements of the group's economic operation in the first half of the year, and made a profound analysis and judgment on the opportunities and challenges ShaanMei Group faces in its development, which provided a space for in-depth thinking and inspiration for ShaanMei Group to enhance its advantages, complement its weaknesses and avoid risks.

On the implementation of the spirit of the meeting, YouzXidi stressed that we should highlight the word "deep", work hard on in-depth understanding, making great efforts on deep cultivation, gathering wisdom and strength into the goals and tasks set by the meeting, and form the surging vitality of high quality development of ShaanMei Group. (He Fei)


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